Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Anna Nikolaevna Golubeva

I have another crazy story in mind, that I don't know if I'll ever do anything more about than create characters.
It's a story about a theater troupe.

One of the characters is a lady of early sixties, and actress whose amplua (a casting type) is the Grande Dame. She plays parts of influential women, such as empress and queens, but sometimes can be cast as a mother. In my head this character is a bigger lady.

I started by getting a shorter wider male body.

The Frank Sinatra Barbie head that I originally planned on using did not match the body either by color or by size, so I ended up repainting a Ken head to my satisfaction, including make-up and age lines.
I made a wig, using grey striped Merino wool. I'm considering doing another few wigs, to see what would look better.

Then I went back to the body and took off the bottom of the legs and added screws , so I can use removable Bratz feet. I also added Barbie hands to the arms. I feel they palms are a bit too small for her body, we'll see if I find anything better eventually.
I used Apoxie sculpt to make her some boobs, an ass and a belly. My very first time sculpting anything at all.
I painted and blushed the body, using a bunch of acrylics and pastels. You can see the feet don't match that well, but they look much better in person than in the crappy pictures.
I really like how the stomach came out, but she looks top heavy to me. Like a football player. Though, when she turns sideways, there is a very nice bottom to balance it out.
The only clothes that will fit her are the ones meant for Ken boys and male action figures. I'm gonna be do a lot of sewing for her.
I think she is very regal looking though.

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