Monday, October 7, 2013

Fantasy project: Kaia

So, while working on my fantasy challenge entry, I learned quite a few things.Like molding hair and flocking.

This is technically not the first step, since the lips are already repainted on her.
Took out all the hair. Pain in the butt, it's all glued on the inside.
I'd never be able to do tutorials, forgot to take pictures of molding hair and painting it. Here her hair is already flocked on top of modeling paste and paint.
Eyes repainted to suit her character.

Fantasy project: boots.

Here we go.
Making shoes process.
Side pieces.

Front and sides glued together.
Added laces and heels.

Back is sewed up.

Painted the sides and the heels.

Added the top piece with the kunai sheaths and knives. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I finished my entry for the fantasy challenge.
I learned how to do molded hair, flocking and even certain repainting.
I can now make leather boots for MH from Scratch.
I made kunai knives out of sculpey.

I wanna kill myself.

I have two weeks till the challenge is over.

Anyways. Pictures and details will follow.