Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mama Shi

Still working on Elm Guard (which Shen Li is a part of), I made Mama Shi.

She is an earth elemental.

She started out as a Triad Alpha body with a South African barbie head. 
As you can see, the body and the face did not match colors, so I body blushed until they did. 
There were still things wrong. Her neck had to be sanded down and she didn't have enough of a voodoo look to her, so I rerooted her in wool dreadlocks.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Li Shen

Phew, I've been busy.
I've been playing and customizing a lot, but I just never seem to take pictures and write about it.

Here is a bit from last month.
Working on the characters for one of my photostories, I made up Shen Li. He is a water elemental, who grew up in a monastery in the Blue Mountains.
He is a Volks tan body & head, painted and rooted by yours truly. God, do I hate painting. I can't do it :(