Sunday, January 5, 2014


So, since no one in my family got me any 1/6 stuff for New Year's, I figured I'd do it myself.
I got these:

Left to right: Iron Legends Orange County Choppers, Iron Legends Arlen Ness, NewRay RoadRider Indian and New Ray Honda.

They are all bloody amazing and are exactly what the characters needed. So, I gave them to my bike-riding crew.

Jaimie got the first one. She wanted a sports bike, so that's what she got.

Andrew had to have the Indian. Just look at him.

Shane got the Arlen Ness. His older brother was a motorcycle enthusiast and passed this on to Shane when he died a few years back. Shane takes amazing care of it.

The Orange County went to Pepper. It's the smallest bike, and due to her articulation being less then I'd like, it's the only one she can ride. It fits her though.