Sunday, April 28, 2013

This is sort of a rant post.

Time and time again I have mentioned my frustration with the Fashionista dolls.
I love the fact that Mattel has an articulated playline. Clearly, the posability and motion range could be so much better (look at LIVs, for example). But that's not the point.
The point is that I hate Fashionistas.
1. There is NO skintone range. Yes, I know, there is Nikki and there is Raquelle. But that's three (3) skintones. That's not okay. Why doesn't Teresa have a darker color? Why isn't there a darker AA lady (Yes, SIS girls, but they are not a part of the main cast)?
2. There is no redhead.
3. I hate their faces. The only one I can somewhat tolerate is Raquelle. The faces are grotesquely oversized, there is too much makeup and they are just not human.

Now then.
As I can't stand their heads more than anything else, I end up buying a lot of FF girls (who had amazing features) and putting them on Fashionista bodies.

Here is what I end up with:

 See? She actually works very well. Her head is not oversized for one thing.

 Also, her eyes are not trying to run away off her face. I think that's a huge plus.

She is so pretty.

 That's another one. Even though she has lots of makeup, she still does not look like a hooker.

Bonus picture. I repainted these shoes a while back and just wanted to share.

Bottom line? Fashion Fever faces were better. I actually think the Fashion Fever bodies were better too, proportion wise. They didn't look quiet as anorexic as they Fashionistas do.

I'd like to see better face paint, more face variety, more body varieties from Mattel. 

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